A Regular Pianist in Pasadena-The Parkway Grill!!

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Here is a venue that I just love playing at.

It’s a particularly nice gig for a pianist.

The piano is a rather fine Yamaha grand.

The clientele is faithful in fact there are many who have come here for years.

I don’t sing at the Parkway.I only play the beautiful piano in the beautiful room for the wonderful people who love to come out.

I’m there Mondays 6-10pm.

It’s not a jazz room per se but you nevertheless will hear standards and very classic American songbook.

But I also have been known to play Neil Young sets when that’s what was working.

Coldplay, Adele, John Mayer and Radiohead could be on the bill.

Or…even Beatles, Elton John and even Stairway to Heaven.

And it’s always solo piano and that’s always fun to make a song smoke on just a piano.

I just love this gig.

And I didn’t mention but the good…Is…artistic as well.

It’s a great combo!


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